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We see diseases differently

Lucy Therapeutics is leading the change in how we think about human health. We believe that key, yet unexplored, drivers of complex diseases lie within our cells’ mitochondria. Our vision is to create a world in which mitochondrial-involved diseases can be halted the moment they are diagnosed.  

About Lucy

Most people with Parkinson’s disease do not know its origin. We think the answer to this complex disease lies in the mitochondria, providing lessons for other complex diseases.

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Our Team

Lucy Therapeutics’ progress is a direct result of the collaborative and inquisitive approach of our curious, courageous and compassionate team.

Our Team

Our Science

Lucy Therapeutics is unraveling mitochondrial dysfunction to identify targets for disease disruption and diagnosis.

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Lucy Therapeutics received  investment and grant support to help our scientists take bold steps to change the way diseases are addressed and create enduring value.

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